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“We… really shouldn’t be doing this, guys,” he murmurs.

“No. We really shouldn’t,” another agrees.

“But… but… look at them!” the third breaths, barely containing his excitement.

“I know,” the second is awestruck.

Reiskilon and his friends stand in one of the newly formed forests on this newly formed world called Sanctuary. In front of them, is a lake filled with water pouring down from cliffs that reach up into the sky. But it’s not the pure blue waters or the enchanting scenery around them that has them so intrigued.

It’s several angel-maidens gathered in the water.

The trio of demons don’t move from their convenient hiding place, covered by the thick branches and shadows of the wood. Although there is a wary peace between the angels and demons, the two really haven’t mingled, save for Inarius and Lilith, whom had settled down somewhere west of here. Normally the sight of the holy beings would fill demons with disgust and hate but Reiskilon feels anything but those things as he watching the maidens play in the water.

Their laughter is musical. Water is splashed on one, drenching her…

“Where are their armour?” his friend asks.

“Never mind that! Where are their robes?!” says the other one.

All three demons’ jaws drop when they realise that the angels aren’t clothed. Bodies, shimmering with light and perfect in every way, seem to be completely uncovered by the ornate armour and robes.

Reiskilon sucks in a breath, his pulse jumping. He hadn’t known angels possessed bodies. He hadn’t known there was something underneath it all. But there is.

“We really shouldn’t be doing this,” he says, unable to tear his eyes away. “If they found out…”

“As long as they don’t put their clothes back on, I’d be okay if they beat me to death,” his friend answers.

More splashing. More laughing. More light glimmering off their skin like diamonds. Even from their distance, they can see the maidens’ tone forms. A few seem to be slightly curvier but they’re not grotesque like some of the mother demons back in the Hells. One maiden steps under the falls, running her hands through her hair. Reiskilon chokes when he recognises her.


She turns, as if he had spoken her name out loud, and he gets a full frontal, if distant, view of her chest.

He draws in a deep breath. Desire flares up. He sneaks a look at his friends. One is admiring the behind of a maiden, the other’s mouth hangs open as he watches one lounge. He’s about ready to explode.

Reiskilon grabs the shoulders of his companions and together the trio stumbles away from the hidden lake and out into the forest proper. Panting, the demons look at each other, still marvelling in the scene they had just played witness to. They can’t talk about it, not here.

“We shouldn’t have done that,” he says half-heartedly scolding. He feels guilty for spying but, oh, he doesn’t regret it.

“But it was worth it,” his friends chorus.

“Yes. Yes, it was,” he agrees.
Peeping Toms

Okay, this is drabble and I thought it was hilarious. Do the angels undress or bathe? Nope but just go with it.

The idea is that it's shortly after Sanctuary is formed, the demons and angels have segregated themselves and one day a trio of demons just out wandering stumble across some angel maidens bathing. Demons being demons, of course they're perverted and of course they watch for a bit. Hence why the angels take off their clothes. Canon-wise, they probably don't, but like I said, I thought it was hilarious.
“So how is our little Reaper friend?” Mercy asks over drinks in the groups’ campsite. She says it softly enough that the words couldn’t be carried away by the way.

Kaiya wraps her cloak around her more tightly. Its greyness is turned charcoal coloured in the fire’s light. Her breath still fogs the air. “He would be doing better if I didn’t have to keep him hidden away. He’s not some disgusting abomination. He shouldn’t have to stay in that hut.”

The fire crackles, throwing sparks in the air. They sparkle then return home.

“At least you are closer to him than in the Enclave,” Mercy points out.

“True,” Kaiya shivers, clutching her travel cup. “But still… it’s not right.”

Mercy tries to think of something to cheer her up. Being a Demon Hunter and all, it doesn’t work. She just nods slowly; before she can say anything else, the sound of approaching footsteps causes the two women to look up. A plain brown cloak covers the hardened, muscled form of a man. Tall, straightened spine and barefooted, the man’s form is revealed to be that of the Monk, Gerasim. His dark brown, burly beard falls nearly to the center of his chest and his helmet has left his face exposed. Underneath the cape are brick red robes, wrist binds and ankle binds with more armour. A daibo is carried in his right hand. His aura is that of grimness. Mercy feels Kaiya stiffen. Out of the corner of her eyes, she sees the Wizard’s soft jaw clench tighten and her eyes harden. It is just a hint of what lurks underneath Kaiya’s happy façade.

During her travels, Mercy has learned two things: the first is that the Monk and Wizard don’t get along. The second is that if they’re in the same area at the same time and there’s not an enemy coming their way, they’ll argue. She braces herself.

At first it’s quiet. Gerasim is a quiet, aloof sort. He rarely speaks unless he is spoken to and he does possess great wisdom. But he is very set his ways and somehow, despite all his talk of balance or perhaps because of that, he believes that once someone goes down a dark path, they are forever doomed to its bitter Fate. Kaiya is quite different, believing that there is balance but that balance is lucid and Fate is bent more easily than most believe; provided that they can handle the consequences. Balance comes from learning and learning comes from both good and bad.

She knows that while the others could maybe be convinced that the Reaper isn’t a threat anymore, Gerasim could not. And she can sense that the presence of Kaiya’s new Reaper friend is going to be a huge issue.

“Is something the matter?” Mercy asks the Monk. It’s a forced attempt to be polite.

He frowns, deep creases forming at the side of his mouth. “I sense something being kept hidden. Something being kept in shadow.” He casts an eye over the two. “Perhaps there are still enemies here.”

“Pretty sure you killed them all,” Kaiya says matter-of-factly.

He gives her a hard look. Mercy is sure it could break diamond. “The air carries whispers of secrets, Wizard. The Gods have given me a sign.”

Kaiya snorts. “I’m sure they did.”

Gerasin glares. “You know nothing of a higher power, Wizard. How could you when you believe in nothing. I will find out what these whispers mean and should you have a hand in this, I will be forced to end you.”

Mercy’s eyes widen at the blunt threat but she keeps her silence. Kaiya’s scowl is frightening. The Monk doesn’t have to say that his promise includes those helping her as well. Could he take on both of them? Neither her nor Kaiya are shrinking violets, especially when backed into a corner and they have proven their mettle. But Gerasim is older, more experienced. He is far older than both.

“You are a judgmental prick,” Kaiya snarls. The air snaps and heats as her rage taps into her power. “A prick who serves pompous, petty Gods. You will kill no one.”

The sounds of other footsteps interrupts their stare-off. The rest of their group comes into the fire then. First comes the mysterious Witch Doctor, Dewon. His masks leers at them but he makes no attempt to try and separate the two facing off. He takes place as a spectator. Next comes Aron, the mighty Barbarian and one whom Mercy has come to view as a father figure of sorts. Aron won’t make an attempt to separate them either but he will step in before anyone gets hurt or threatens to leave. Mercy frowns. Of course.

The groups does need Gerasim’s skills and he is quite formidable.

The last one is the Crusader, Nexa. She had removed her helmet, exposing her long blonde braid and calm face. She strolls leisurely into the circle, casting an eye at her temporary comrades.

“Why so serious, friends?” she asks.

Neither Kaiya or Gerasim look away from each other.

“Something is being deliberately hidden,” Gerasim says tersely. “Something that threatens the balance.”

She raises an eyebrow.

“Surely you, Light follower, can sense ripples of the storm,” he says.

“Have you proof?” Nexa questions. Her lips never break from the faint smile she wears.

The response is stiff. “I know what I sense. Perhaps the Wizard can answer your inquiry.”

Nexa gives Kaiya a glance that goes ignored. Kaiya’s glare could surely set the air of fire.

“You should not worry about it without proof,” Nexa says.

Gerasim glowers at her. “You dare ask me to stand by and let something threaten the balance of this world?”

“Your threat is hidden. You do not even know it such a threat is true,” Nexa holds her ground. “None of us knows if it is true. You ask us to waste our energy, our sanity, on something we simply do not know?”

She holds up her hand before Gerasim can speak.

“All things hidden will always be revealed,” she smiles lightly. “My Master was always fond of saying that. “I am not saying your senses are wrong nor that your Gods are guiding you wrong. Such a thing is not my place. What I am saying, that even you must know, is that if we were meant to know now what the Future entails, we would. We do not know, therefore we are not meant to know. All we can do is prepare.”

Gerasim tightens his jaw.

“Give it time. Calm yourself,” Nexa says. “After all, such anger is unbecoming to a Monk, no?”

“I mean what I said,” he tells them all. “An enemy to us all is being hidden. I will protect this world.” He looks solely at Kaiya. “All thousand and one Gods of mine will be watching you, Wizard.”

Kaiya sucks in a breath, bites her lip but doesn’t waver. Mercy looks at her and feels a surge of pride for her new friend. No one else may know for sure if the Wizard believes in anything, let alone in anyone but she does.

“Let your petty ones watch,” Kaiya says, voice wavering but growing stronger. “My Gods have guided me here. They are with me now.”


I'm not saying the Monk is the bad guy. Gerasim isn't a bad guy. What he is, is someone who is set in his ways. The Monk, going through the game, mentions nothing about redemption and from what I read in Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise, redemption isn't something they believe can be done.
Also, I don't think the wild, rebellious Wizard would be someone a Monk could like, considering how different their worlds are and their stances on things.

While he's not evil, Gerasim won't be much of a hero.

This little series I'm doing can end one of two ways. Do you want the good ending or the sad ending? Should the Wisdom Angel/Reaper make it or not?

Questions? Comments? Outbursts of emotion?

Crusader versus Monk?

Wizard versus Witch Doctor?

Demon Hunter versus Wizard?

Barbarian versus Crusader?

Witch Doctor versus Monk?

Monk versus Demon Hunter?

You don't have to answer all of them; just pick whichever one sounds awesome and go!
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A little bit of Chaos never killed anyone...
Dear Amadeus and Essaerae: One day, I will get back to writing you.


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Crusader versus Monk?

Wizard versus Witch Doctor?

Demon Hunter versus Wizard?

Barbarian versus Crusader?

Witch Doctor versus Monk?

Monk versus Demon Hunter?

You don't have to answer all of them; just pick whichever one sounds awesome and go!
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