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Essaerae sighs and shakes her head as she passes underneath the odd thing Destriel has placed on the doorway. Her fellow hope Angel had been busy running around putting up the little plants and giggling like an angeling. When she had asked him why, he had told her one of the mortals had told him of a holiday they celebrate on Sanctuary called “Christmas“. He said that one of the things they do to celebrate is hang mistletoe everywhere. Anyone who is under it gets kissed.

And, to her embarrassed amusement, he has been trying to enforce it.

Already several of Lord Imperius’ angel have torn the plants down and threatened him within an inch of his life. Angels don’t need that kind of love.

Not that it helps; he just keeps putting it up again.

The caregiver strolls leisurely through the Gardens of Hope. Today was a rare day off, away from the little group of angelings; a group which, sadly, seems to be smaller and smaller every Lightsong. As much as she loves the little ones, they can be quite a handful. She isn’t going anywhere in particular today so she takes her time as she enters into the heart of the Silver City. Dozens of angels mill about. Some engage in conversation, other must be aimless like her.

Her travels bring her to the Blessed Chapel. The place is small, quiet and glimmers with serene light. Essaerae goes to enter but winds up colliding with someone as they’re leaving. Almost immediately she knows who it is.

“I’m sorry,” she says, looking up at him.

Amadeus shrugs. “No worries. Long time, no see.”

“I hope you realise we only don’t see each other much because you’re always disappearing on me,” she reminds him. “Always keeping secrets.”

“That’s not true,” he says, cupping two fingers under her chin. His touch is warm through his gauntlet.

“How I feel about you hasn’t changed,” Amadeus tells her.

Essaerae offers him a smile and grasps his wrist. “I know. Mine have not either. I just wish you would-”

She’s interrupted by a loud laugh. They both look over to see Destriel there, a safe distance away and pointing.

“You’re standing underneath it!” he crows, delighted. “Now you have to kiss!”

She and Amadeus both look up. Sure enough, some mistletoe is hanging from the Blessed Chapel’s frame. Confused, Amadeus looks back at the Hope soldier. Destriel cackles and scurries away before Amadeus can say anything.

“He has been doing that all day,” Essaerae sighs.

“What is he even talking about?” Amadeus asks. He looks up again. “What is that?”

“Mistletoe,” she explains. “Destriel received it from some mortals and learned that they celebrate with it. They have to kiss or something when they’re under it.”

Amadeus laughs softly. “How lazy of mortals to only kiss when tradition calls for it. Mistletoe shouldn’t be necessary.”

Essaerae’s smile grows. He doesn’t laugh often so when he does, it is a rare moment. She really does love this mysterious angel even though he can be frustrating at times.

The angel of Valour looks back at her. She gives his wrist a light squeeze. He steps close to her and cups her face with his other hand as well. Bending down, he presses his lips against hers and the two share a gentle kiss underneath the mistletoe.
Underneath the Mistletoe

Here's the extent of my Christmas-ness. :roll: Some Amadeus and Essaerae stuff since I haven't done anything featuring them in a while. If work doesn't kill me this week, I might do one for some more of my favorite OTPs. Canon and/or OCs.

Man, I suck at writing romance. :bleh:
The meeting is a disaster. Auriel manages to maintain some sort of composure but Tyrael picks up on her worry even as she insists they stay positive. Even Itherael is alarmed, moving and interacting with more emotion than ever before. At the beginning, he tried to cast a location spell but turned up nothing. Ideas are thrown around but are shot down by blunt truth.

No angel who went in ever came out.

Not that Imperius’ angels are accepting that.

“Without Lord Imperius, Heaven is vulnerable!” one shouts. “We cannot, in good conscious, just stand and wring our hands while our Master is missing! We must find him!”

Murmurs of agreement go up and even several of Auriel’s advisers chime in with their opinions. Tyrael’s stomach flip flops anxiously. It is eerily similar to the pleas made by Urzael and the Maidens. When he had finally returned, as they all hoped he would, the Archangel of Wisdom had become sick from whomever or whatever he had found. Now Malthael is no more and Heaven is weaker because of it. The weakness shows.

The thought of Imperius following that is sickening.

Even worse is the thought of not only Imperius becoming sick but his angels as well.

Malthael had nearly been unstoppable as Death. Imperius as anything other than Valour… could Sanctuary handle that?

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any way of considering the Valour Angels that, for now, they have to wait until a better option presents itself. The dirty looks Tyrael gets when he mentions that waiting is frustrating for everyone borderline on threatening.

“I suppose relying on your ridiculous mortals is a better option,” another adviser says sourly. “Please.”

Another angel bangs his spear on the floor. “How can you expect us, Heaven’s defenders, to stand idly by while our Master is gone?!”

Then reasonable opposition comes.

“No one is asking you to do such a thing,” a high-pitched, slightly frigid voice says. They all look over. An angel, clad in a ivory white robes, steps forward. White wraps go up to her biceps and her bearing is that of a soldier but she wears only light armour and no weapons. Tyrael feels a shot of relief. Amaranthea looks evenly at the Valour Angels, unfazed by their intensity.

She is still one of his most loyal.

“Lord Imperius’ absence is troubling to all of Heaven; not just you,” she says. “But you- all of you- know what happens when an angel goes into those portals. What good can you possibly do for Lord Imperius if you go into that portal and never return? Suppose he returns but his soldiers aren’t here? What then? Hopefully, he does return. When he returns, you need to be here. It takes all of us to protect Heaven.”

The Valour Angel bristles but doesn’t respond. Amaranthea doesn’t waver. Tyrael is grateful she is still supportive of him. She is a reminder of sanity in this insane period and has taken to representing Justice well. She may have given up her sword when her original Mistress left the Heavens but she fights still in her own way.

“We have to wait,” she says firmly. “Right now, waiting is the best option we have.”

The Valour Angels glower, silently giving in bitterly. Tyrael knows that they are most likely blaming him for this. Imperius and him do nothing but argue these days. It seems like as an Archangel, he could do too little for Sanctuary yet as a human… he can only do too little for Heaven.
Without Valour 02

I'm an idiot; I posted part 03 before part 02. :icondurrplz:

This is the actual part 02! I promise! :iconilavplz:

I fell down on my way to work two days ago... my knee is a lovely shade of lavender. :no: Also, I've been coughing so hard, I'm surprised I don't have abs. MAKE IT STOP.

Questions? Comments? Outbursts of emotion?
Hours pass into days and Tyrael spends a lot of time in his little room on Sanctuary trying to use what meagre magic he has left to pick up any trace of the missing Archangel. He finds only nothing. His loss of power makes it worse.

Auriel decided to allow several troopers to stake out the portal, switching them every now and then. She seems to have taken charge of Heaven since Malthael is no longer able to and so far… she seems to be able to carry the weight. She hadn’t asked Tyrael to stay nor stopped him from leaving when hunger pains arrived. Still, he hadn’t wanted to leave. Itherael isn’t the most decisive Archangel.

Also a cause of worry is the fact that sometimes the portals dropped by Planewalkers don’t always stay open. If they closed, they can’t be opened again.

He is no stranger to such intense pressure. Justice came with it after all. But between the situation with Malthael, Lorath’s insistence that something terrible is in the area and Imperius’ disappearance… he is feeling overwhelmed. This needs a solution.

He gets up from his chair and paces. Perhaps he should call the Nephalem. They could surely go in that portal, find Imperius and bring him back. They keep doing the impossible. But… then again… considering that Imperius hates the Nephalem with every fiber of his being, their presence would maybe cause him to finally snap. Fighting between Heaven and Sanctuary is the last thing Tyrael wants and considering that there are plenty of angels who share the disdain, one wrong move will end everything.

The only option is Itherael’s simply request to wait.

Just wait.


The days bleed into weeks and still no sign. It is amazing how agonizing waiting can be but at least the portal is still open. Auriel has been kind enough to send one of her angels to keep him informed so he wouldn’t have to journey to Heaven and back every day.

Also in Heaven’s favour is the silence from the Burning Hells. All three of the attempted assaults have decimated their ranks and their presence on Sanctuary is at an all-time low since the Nephalem and their respective factions have been busy ridding their world of the taint.

Tyrael is grateful for that; as much as he can be but with so little to do, he finds himself remembering memories that he would rather not deal with. The memories are heavy, tinged with the realization that being mortal had taught him. Talking to Lorath about it makes it a little easier. The young Horadrim is easy to talk to. Yet at the same time… he makes it worse.

He sees much of Inarius in the young Horadrim.

So he finds he has to distract himself from that too. He does, aiding not only the Nephalem but some of the other groups that have come to Westmarch to purge Malthael’s remaining Reapers. Among them, there is one. Most of the others have left but one has stayed, helping rebuild instead seeking glory.

They seem to know how to wait.


The weeks warp into months. Imperius’ absence grows larger and the silence from his is somehow louder than anything. His angels are growing restless, frustrated; aching to go into that portal and find him. Tyrael knows that if something isn’t done and soon, there will be a mutiny.

But he has no idea how to prevent it.

All the time spent staring into the Chalice didn’t provide wisdom to handle this.

And then finally… good news.

In the tenth month without Valour, in the dead of winter on Sanctuary, one of Auriel’s messengers arrives. She is almost jumping for joy.

Imperius has returned.
Without Valour 03


Lorath is cool. I like him.

My knee is freaking killing me. :icongonkplz:

Questions? Comments? Outbursts of emotion?

EDIT: This actually is part 03. Not part 02. Part 03. :iconoopsplz:


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